We are building a team of most trusted night nannies and maternity nurses. You can join with a strong recommendation from a parent that we trust.

We welcome applications from night nannies and maternity nurses who’d like to join us. We will check your application and to ensure quality, we vet every nurse and only accept those we feel can offer a great service for our parents. We will also contact your references to ensure their recommendations are genuine.

Newborn experience with strong recommendations from parents we can trust, paediatric first aid, DBS certificate. And of course, lots of love and passion for working with newborn babies and their parents!

Contact us either via the registration form we have on our webpage, via phone or email. We will then send you our simple-to-use registration survey, which we will review and confirm with your references. Assuming everything is in order, we will then send you our matchmaking survey (which is really fun and interesting) to get to know you even better, so that we can find you jobs that work perfectly for you and your working style. 

It’s completely free and there are no charges for you later either. When you first join myTamarin, we help you set a fair and competitive rate depending on your experience and recommendations, and we help you review your rate periodically.

Yes, you can continue to work with other agencies. One thing to keep in mind is that the more bookings you have through myTamarin, the more we know you’re the right person for our team, and the more likely we are going to find you jobs.


We have a strong network of parents and we carefully match them with night nannies and maternity nurses that match them well. Read more about our matchmaking approach below. There are two things that are very important for us to have in order to find you good placements: 1) all your papers need to be in order and we need to have the matching survey completed by you; and 2) we need to know about your availability at all times. When we get a request from parents with whom we believe you would match well, we contact you and put you in touch with family.

Email, call, or text, whichever is easier. The most important thing is that we have your up-to-date availability, as we often place night nannies and maternity nurses on short notices.


Just to clarify, this is not romantic matchmaking! However, the relationship that you form with new parents is a very special relationship, and you spend considerable amount of time in their homes. Hence, it’s really important that you match well with parents, especially mum.

Because every parent and every baby deserve the support that is exactly right for them. And every night nanny and maternity nurse deserves to be fulfilled and satisfied with every job. We’ve given this a lot of thought, spent months researching the most important elements for newborn childcare matchmaking, tested various types of assessment with both parents and nurses, and developed our special matchmaking algorithm. Bottom line is, our parents and our nurses are much happier! 

In short, based on parents’ parenting style and your working preferences. We’ve identified the most important elements of newborn childcare matchmaking, and we ask both parents (typically mums) and nurses to share their views and preferences on those important elements. For example, their views on baby routines and baby feeding, and also whether they are more chatty or prefer their own peace and quiet. Overall, it’s quite comprehensive!   

Parents are invited to take our matchmaking survey when they make a booking inquiry. Every maternity nurse and night nanny also goes through a similar survey, and we also have feedback from previous clients, so we know you really well. Based on parents’ parenting style, preferences, values and beliefs we match them with a maternity nurse or night nanny that best matches their parenting style, preferences and personality. Typically, we suggest one to three nurses for whom we are confident will work well for the parents. Parents then decide whom they will contact, meet with, and eventually hire.

We recognise that on a rare occasion the matching won’t work out, for whatever reason. If you’re unhappy with your placement, please let us know and we will help you iron out any relationship wrinkles, or find a replacement if needed.

It’s simple – happier parents, happier babies and happier nurses.

No. And that is the reason why we started myTamarin. Other agencies typically suggest candidates based on impersonal criteria only, e.g. availability and geographic proximity, completely ignoring how delicate and intimate is the relationship between parents and their maternity nurse or night nanny. As a result, our placements are much more successful and happier for everyone involved – parents, nurses and babies!


We can help your set or reset your rates so that they reflect the market. Our maternity nurses usually charge between £160 – £220 per 24 hours gross (for singles) and more for twins or triplets. Daily maternity nurses typically charge £12-£15 gross per hour for single babies, and more for twins and triplets. Night nannies charge £12-15 gross per hour for singles, and more for twins and triplets.

Parents should pay you directly. You should discuss and agree with them the payment schedule and any deposits you’d like to take.

We have a very simple fee structure. We charge parents 5% on top of what parents pay to you. It is therefore very important for us to know how long do you work with each parent, and how much they pay you. If you try to hide any work that was found by us or through us, we will have to remove you from our team.

You should tell us about any such job, as parents would be responsible for paying myTamarin fee. Based on our Terms and Conditions, if a parent recommends a maternity nurse or night nanny who was introduced to them by myTamarin to another parents, within the following 48 months, the parents will be charged myTamarin fee.