Getting baby to sleep is hard, however a maternity nurse can help

Find support that you and your baby deserve

Early parenthood is incredibly rewarding, yet a very exhausting period. A trusted maternity nurse or night nanny will help you fully enjoy this moment in your baby’s life.

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A maternity nurse or a night nanny will give you and your baby the best possible start

  • She will support and guide a new mum at a time which is both magical and unnerving, especially if you’re first-time parents
  • She will assist with any form of baby feeding and will help establish a routine that works for the family
  • You will be waking up feeling refreshed and energetic
  • You will enjoy hands-on time with the baby, while also have time for the rest of family, work or social commitments

We are all about supporting parents so that their babies get the best of them!

First time mum admires her sleeping newborn baby

Happy parents
– happy baby.

It’s a win-win for all!

A maternity nurse or night nanny can help when baby won’t         sleep by putting them into a good baby sleep routine

Personality-based matchmaking

Personality matching for maternity nurses and night nannies has never been used before but it is extremely important because of the intimate nature of the job.

We help you find the right match with:

  • Unique questionnaires for parents and nurses
  • Comprehensive understanding of the unique concerns new parents have
  • Proprietary matchmaking algorithm

We connect you with maternity nurses and night nannies with whom you will click.

myTamarin will save you time and headaches!

Newborn baby is sleeping peacefully in the arms of first time parents

Highly selective word-of-mouth search

Trusted newborn childcare is hard to find – so we have found amazing maternity nurses and night nannies for you.

Highly recommended

We curated a team of nurses highly recommended by other parents we trust, ensuring recommendations are truly genuine.

Hence the team is small - so book fast!

Fully trusted

All nurses are interviewed in addition to background and reference checks.

Ongoing coaching

We are obsessed with feedback from parents, and continuously coach our nurses to cater well to parents’ and babies’ needs.

Newborn baby is sleeping peacefully in the arms of first time parents
A maternity nurse puts baby into a good sleep         routine, so baby naps well during the day

Fair pricing designed for modern parents

Fair: No unpleasant pricing surprises

No sign-up fees. No upfront fees
No subscription fees. No hidden fees.

Affordable: Simple matchmaking fee

We charge 10% of what you pay to your maternity nurse or night nanny, subject to a minimum fee of £99 for night nannies and £199 for maternity nurses.

Value for your money: You get more!

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Discover your unique parenting style

Have fun with our insightful quizzes that reveal your personality, parenting style, preferences, values and needs.

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Connect with your best matches

Get to know nurses who are highly recommended by parents like you. And who match with your personality!

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Book your perfect match

Discuss and agree on details with your maternity nurse or night nanny, take a deep breath, exhale and relax.

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