Finding a trusted, reliable and vetted nanny or a 
        maternity nurse through myTamarin is simple and fun Finding a trusted, reliable and vetted nanny or a 
        maternity nurse through myTamarin is simple and fun

FAQ for nannies


We are not just another agency, we are a childcare matchmaker. Our mission is to advance careers of amazing nannies like you and to help you grow your business. So how to we do that? We know that looking after family’s most precious little ones is not just another job – it is probably the most important job in the world! We recognise how intimate the relationship between nannies and families is, therefore we take additional steps to help you find a perfect family to work for. Not only we try to match you with families based on objective criteria (such as availability, experience, location), but we also match you based on subjective factors, such as personality, working/parenting styles, values and beliefs. We believe these make a real difference at the end of the day and impact the bond you form with the family.

We are building a team of most trusted childcare specialists, i.e. nannies, nanny-housekeepers, night nannies, maternity nurses and doulas. To join myTamarin, contact us either via the sign-up form we have on our webpage, via phone or email. We will then send you our simple-to-use sign-up survey, which we will review and confirm with your references. Assuming everything is in order, we will then send you our matchmaking survey (which is really fun and interesting) to get to know you even better, so that we can find you jobs that work perfectly for you and your working style.

You will need to have professional experience looking after children, either as a nanny or in a nursery, childminding practice, afterschool club, etc. You will also need recommendations from previous families you worked for, and the most recent families you worked for will have to be contactable – as we check a minimum of 2 references verbally as well! Our nannies must have a recent Paediatric First Aid, a valid DBS certificate, and a right to work in the UK (assuming the position is in the UK). For overseas positions additional checks may be required. You will also need to have a lot of passion and love for working with families and caring for their children.

No, joining myTamarin team is completely free.


The relationship you form with families is a very special one, and you spend considerable amount of time in their homes. Hence, it’s really important that you match well with parents especially with the primary caretaker (that can be either mum, or dad!). We’ve given this a lot of thought, spent months researching the most important elements for childcare matchmaking, tested various types of assessment with both parents and childcare specialists, and developed our special matchmaking algorithm. Bottom line is, our parents and our nannies are much happier!

In short, based on parents’ parenting style and your working preferences. We’ve identified the most important elements of childcare matchmaking, and we ask both parents (typically mums) and nannies to share their views and preferences on those important elements. For example, their views on discipline and routines, and also whether they are chattier or prefer their own peace and quiet. Overall, it’s quite comprehensive!

Parents are invited to take our matchmaking survey when they make an inquiry. Every nanny goes through a similar survey as well, and we also have feedback from previous clients, so we know you really well. Based on parents’ parenting style, preferences, values and beliefs we match them with nannies who best match their parenting style, preferences and personality. Typically, we suggest four to eight nannies for whom we are confident will work well for the parents. Parents then decide whom they will contact, meet with, and eventually hire.

We recognise that on a rare occasion the matching won’t work out, for whatever reason. If you’re unhappy with your placement, please let us know and we will help you iron out any relationship wrinkles or find a replacement if needed.

No. And that is the reason why we started myTamarin. Other agencies typically suggest candidates based on impersonal criteria only, e.g. availability and geographic proximity, ignoring how delicate and intimate is the relationship between parents and their nanny. As a result, our placements are much more successful and happier for everyone involved – parents, nannies and children!


After you have officially joined myTamarin team (filled out our surveys, submitted all the necessary documents, and referenced were verbally checked) and we’ve created your profile, we will be notifying you of all available jobs. For any and all positions you are interested in, and we think you could be a good match for the family, and the family for you, we will share your profile with the family. It is up to the family to decide who they will interview. After a family decides they would like to meet you, we can help set up the interview, or you can organise it with the family directly. If the interview goes well, parents often ask the nanny to do a trial run with them – so they see first hand how well you’d fit into their family. And if the trial goes smoothly and everything else is in order, the family will offer you the position. We are there for you throughout the process, from the beginning when you decide to join us, until the end, when you secure a new position, and even after – if there are any issues or concerns, we are there to help you sort it and iron out any relationship wrinkles!

That really depends! There are many things to factor in, for example your availability, your notice period, your expectations, your experience, your personal(ity) profile. We understand that finding a new job can be really stressful, and that’s why we’ll stand by your side from the beginning to the end. It is quite possible that when you start looking there might not be a job that would match your profile (requirements, experience, values, personality/working style) well. Do not let that discourage you, it always take a little while. Either way, we are here for you; to help you with your profile, guide you through the interview process with tips and advice, to make sure you find your dream job as quickly as possible.

The current market rate for a live-out nanny is £10 to £14 net an hour. The hourly rate depends on many things, for example your experience, qualifications, total number of hours, commute times, etc. The current market rate for a live-in nanny is £450 to £550 net per week. The family will also have to provide food and accommodation for you on top of that. Please note that more and more nannies as well as parents prefer to agree gross rates rather than net rates. To calculate net v. gross rates, we with this nanny tax calculator quite helpful.

Parents will pay you directly, so this is something you have to discuss with the family when you sign a contract with them. Usually nannies get paid either on a weekly or a monthly basis. The family is your employer, so they are responsible for paying your taxes and other contributions as well (pension, national insurance), depending also on whether you have a net or gross arrangement.

We recognise that this can happen occasionally, for whatever reason! If there are any issues, communication problems or other concerns, we are here to help you sort them out professionally. If that does not help and you still feel that it is not going to work, we will support you in finding a new job. We can assure you you will not be on your own.